Express entry

Express entry program is designated for skilled workers outside and inside Canada, and it has different streams. 

To be eligible, candidates need to have education, work experience, and French and or English language abilities.

Threw this program, the Canadian government chooses successful candidates to fill the need of the work markets.

Immigrants who succeed threw this program will be established in Canada with their family members as permanent residents.

Express entry has different streams and it is available for all eligible skilled workers.

Immigration authorities announce regularly rounds of invitations and successful candidates inside the pool  with the cut off score and above  are invited to proceed with their application.

Express entry candidates aim should be to maximize their Comprehensive Ranking Score -CRS- and maintain high scores all the time while their profile is inside the pool of candidates.

CRS  system is a complex grading system that gives scores to each profile based on education, age, languages, work experience of the main applicants and of their accompanying spouses in case they have one. It joins many factors together and provides the final official score after that the application in deposited in the pool of candidates.

Candidates can stay in the pool of express entry for a period of up to twelve months.

You are responsible to keep your information up to date all the time.

Skilled workers must have wok experience with NOC levels O, A, and B.

Express entry is also used as a tool for Canadian provinces to invite targeted skilled applicants to come work in the province and to fill the work market gaps. Once a candidate is invited by a province, and gets the necessary required documents, he will be able to apply under PNP program inside the express entry system.


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