Family sponsorship

Canada is committed to see families and relatives reunited inside its territories. It makes all the possible efforts to welcome close family members to be joined and to live together inside its boundaries.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents living inside Canada can sponsor their family members living abroad to come live with them in  Canada as permanent residents.

Eligible Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their :

-Parents and grand parents

-Spouses, common law partner, conjugal partner

-Dependent children

-Relatives meeting specific conditions


*Parents and grand parents sponsorship program

Eligible applicants can apply for an interest to sponsor application form and wait till they invited to apply.

Program can be based on first come first served or based on draw. System opens once a year for applicants. Lucky files will be invited to complete the their applications. 

Program application program is updated once a year.

Keep informed about government parents and grand parents updates 


*Spouses, common law partner, conjugal partner, and dependent children sponsorship is open always. People meeting the conditions can apply any time. Canadian immigration invites Canadian and permanent residents to apply to sponsor their spouses,.., and dependent children and commits to process most of the files received each year within twelve months. Once a positive decision is received applicants can come to Canada as new immigrants as permanent residents.


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