Temporary residents

Canada welcomes visitors from all over the world to visit Canada for reasons of  tourism, business, study, or work.

*Visit visa

Program is available for any person who wishes to visit Canada for a short period of time, wether for tourism, visit, business, or other reasons, and leave after his authorized period of stay ends. Interested people may apply to get a visitor visa as soon as they are ready to do so. 

*Super visa

This program is designated to parents and grand parents of  Canadian citizens and permanent residents living inside Canada. It allows eligible applicants to get up to 10 years visa and to stay up to two consecutive years inside Canada with their children and grand children. Applicants must meet different criteria and has to have valid Canadian medical insurance.

*Study permits

International students willing to study at Canadian designated institution may apply for this program and get a study permit allowing them to   study in Canada and get a reputed diploma that is highly appreciated al over the world.  Once you get an acceptance form a designated educational institution and meet all other study permit requirements , you can apply from outside Canada or inside Canada depending on your situation. In addition, students are allowed to work while studying under if respecting specific conditions.

In case your studies meet the Post Graduation Open Work permit, you can apply for one and get it up to three years period (depending on your program length). During this period you stay in Canada and work for any employer.

Studying in Canada is a great way to work after graduation and to have a pathway to a lot of Canadian permanent residency streams including federal and provincial ones.

*Work permits

Canada welcomes foreign workers for all the world to fill the gap in the Canadian workers market. 

You can work in Canada if you have the right authorization to do. In general interested workers can apply to get a work permit threw a positive LMIA weather as high wage or low wage temporary workers. 

LMIA process helps companies, factories, and organizations…, to hire foreign workers for specific period of time and allow workers to apply for employer specific work permits

Some people are exempt from obtaining an LMIA and can apply directly for an open work permit. Example spouses of workers or students inside Canada…

Canada has reciprocal agreements with different countries allowing certain of their youth and workers meeting the eligibility requirements to obtain open work work permit that permit them to work inside Canada for the employer of their choice.


Fill out our free assessment and we will make sure if you are eligible for any of these programs.